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Laurence’sLimoncello - by GauGin - saw daylight on a very old and ecological finca of approximately 16 hectares in the Genal Valley, close to the whitewashed village of Gaucin. Our Handpicked and purest Mediterranean lemons are the essence of Laurence’s Limoncello.


Laurence started making Limoncello at the end of the 1990s with our handpicked Mediterranean lemons. After years of experimenting with different types of alcohols, different levels of alcohols, maceration time, blending in different herbs and fruits; we decided to get it out of the kitchen into a professional production environment. But our goal still remained the same: keeping the highest artisanal standards with the highest quality.

Laurence's Limoncello’s, as well as our sister GauGin’s, mindset is that we sell limoncello, rather than the bottle itself; “because you are more entitled to quality than you are to invented fairytales”. Our Limoncello is considered by connoisseurs to be among the best.

The property - a jewel of nature, which lies right in the middle of an ecologically valuable area - is set 700 meters above sea level, and it is exactly this altitude to which the fruit and herbs owe their high quality. Due to this altitude, the temperature in winter never drops below freezing, and it does not get too hot in summer. As a result, the organic lemons take longer to ripen. This makes for a purer product.


Therefore, we say with pride that “When it is loved by nature, it will be enjoyed by you”.

Laurence's Limoncello
Laurence's Limoncello

€ 34,95



GinUrWay (Belgium)

“All scents are beautifully mixed, and the lack of alcohol burn is the perfect proof that the base spirit is of a very high quality! Lasting very long with a nice and warm ending, this could be the best limoncello I’ve ever had!”



Schaarbeekstraat 19, Unit 11/12

9120 Melsele, Belgium

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“GauGin" is a Mediterranean style gin of high quality, inspired and created on the land of

an ancient ecologic Finca in the Genal Valley, Andalusia.


Besides oranges and lemons, the following plants form the DNA of GauGin®:

juniper, wild rosemary, wild thyme, lavender and wild sage. In total, there are 27 carefully selected herbs and sun-ripened fruits that grant GauGin® its unique character and exquisite taste.

GauGin® is distilled in small batches in a small craft distillery.

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